NunStory1Ani Tashi, 31, is one of five children who was born to a crippled farmer on the outskirts of a small town. At the age of six, Tashi began attending a local school and then proceeded to work alone at a store in her later years. When she was 25, Tashi made the decision to join the monastery, the first in her family to do so, though she notes there is a “great deal of Dharma” in her family. She felt a desire to benefit this life, the next life, and seize the opportunity “to help many people.” After six years Tashi is now an officer at the monastery, and has received “so much support from [her] family.” She would really like to do a 3-year-retreat, but needs financial support.

NunStory2Ani Lodro Chodzom was born to a nomad family of herders and never had the opportunity to attend school. As a girl, Lodro envisioned an unceasing amount of hard work ahead of her if she continued the life of a herder. She yearned for the time and space to practice the “precious dharma” as well as the means to live as a nun. However, she could not find a nunnery. When Lodroe Nyima Rinpoche built the nunnery, Ani Lodro felt her prayers had been answered–she could finally commit to becoming a Nun. Now, Ani Lodro hopes to continue practicing Dharma and teach the practices to her family as she also helps support “so many of the female community.”