Help Tibetan Nuns, Inc. has extended its activity to support additional nunneries in India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet. In 2017 and 2018 we reached a high point in our giving when a generous donation enabled us to help over 500 nuns including children, young women, middle-aged nuns, and elders. These women found a spiritual home in the nunneries we help support. Some of the funds went to healthcare, some to education, and some to the construction of housing facilities. In Bhutan we made a generous donation towards the building of a new shedra (university).

Some of the nuns are children as young as four years old. We hope to continue to expand our sphere of giving to encompass more Karma Kagyu nunneries in the future. Please join us in helping more and more women not just survive, but thrive in their chosen monastic endeavors.

Amy with nuns at Tilokpur nunnery in India, April 2019.

Children as young as four years old are joining the nunnery in Ralang, Sikkim.