History and what we have accomplished:

• In 2011 Help Tibetan Nuns was founded and began to raise funds for a medical center in Tibet.

• In 2015 we donated $150,000 for the expansion and construction of naturally occurring spring-fed healing pools at Thrangu Nunnery in Tibet. Very popular with the locals, the Olympic-sized pool is a source of income for the nunnery.

• In 2017 we gifted $50,000 to five Himalayan nunneries for education, medicine, and construction.

• In 2018 we accomplished the following:

• A large gift was made to a nunnery in Sikkim for construction of housing, classrooms, and a shrine.

• At Thrangu Nunnery in Tibet, a nun who had been diagnosed with advanced tuberculosis, a life threatening disease, was brought to a hospital in Beijing and has since made vast improvements towards regaining her health.

• And in April 2019 funds were raised for the first Karma Kagyu nunnery built in India at Tilokpur in Himachal Pradesh, which will be used for education and food.

Current goals:

• We are looking to raise $300,000 to build a small medical clinic at Thrangu Nunnery in Tibet, and to offer medical supplies to several Himalayan nunneries in order to treat TB and other diseases endemic to these areas.

• We are looking to raise $70,000 for a suitable bus to transport the nuns on the mountainous roads in Yushu. They almost had a deadly accident this year in their old rickety bus with its small tires.

Help Tibetan Nuns, Inc.  is a non-profit organization created by U.S. supporters of Thrangu Kong Jo Sherab Ling Nunnery, an affiliate of Thrangu Monastery in Kham, Eastern Tibet. All monetary gifts are fully tax-deductible under the law. Donations may be made to Help Tibetan Nuns, Inc., Fed Tax I.D. 81-4412684, and mailed to:  Help Tibetan Nuns, Inc., P.O. Box 1600, Cotuit MA 02635. Or to donate online, use the donate button on the right.